Halax Oy is the first company in the world developing an artificial intelligence –based analyser solution for analysing health status and indicating diseases from intestinal gases. The solution is based on AI algorithm that senses certain volatile organic compounds and on sensors installed in a special ventilation pipe between the toilet and its ventilation duct. 

The results are indicated by led lights nearby, delivered to users’ mobile application and/or shown in the computer of the health care personnel. The first illness to be analysed is diabetes due to its high societal costs and increasing prevalence.

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Halax provides also odourless and hygienic toilet systems. The solution includes a specially designed adapter and a ventilation pipe creating under pressure that move the odours away from the sanitary facilities.

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Halax® is an internationally protected Finnish innovation. The Halax® brand is also registered internationally.


Halax® is an internationally protected Finnish innovation. The Halax® brand is also registered internationally.

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