Kimmo Kaski 

Kimmo has been working as a professor in computational science in the Helsinki University of technology, currently Aalto University. He has pioneered computational complex systems research as Academy Professor (1996-2006) and as director of two CoE’s (2000-2011). He is a Supernumerary Professorial Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford, and Fellow of APS, IOP, the Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters, and Academia Europeae.

His current research interests are in the complexity of physical, economic, social and information systems, earning him a pioneering role in complex social networks. He has supervised a large number of PhD theses in Finland, UK, and USA, as well as acted recently as the coordinator of EU’s FP7 FET Open ICTeCollective project, and currently as a partner in EU’s Horizon 2020 FET Open IBSEN project as well as in EU’s Horizon 2020 SoBigData project



Hannu Kokki

Docent, MD

Hannu works as a professor of anaesthesiology in the University of Eastern Finland. His main study areas include opioid central nervous system and neurotoxicity in humans and experimental animals, pharmacometry in challenging patient groups, and immediate and long-term recovery after surgical interventions.

He has been involved in extensive national and international multidisciplinary co-operation in both education and research.


Risto Orava

Risto works as a professor at the University of Helsinki, Helsinki Institute of Physics and CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. He is specialized in high energy physics.

Risto’s vast experience in this field includes, among others, creating and leading the national organization for CERN related research (SEFT) and creating the Detector Laboratory in Finland. He holds leading positions in a frontier high energy physics experiments and has contributed powerfully in various detector-related experiments in CERN.

In his early career Risto worked at Fermilab in USA co-operating e.g. with Nobel Prize winners Leon Lederman and Georges Charpak and now continues there as visiting professor.

Additionally, he has worked for NASA and ESA contributing strongly to space research, e.g. in projects developing large silicon tracking detector and active radiation shielding.

Risto holds 20 patents on sensor technology.



Markku Saraheimo

Markku, MD and Specialist of Internal Medicine and Diabetology, has worked actively with diabetes for the last 20 years. He is specialized in the new pharmacological treatments of diabetes and new technology like glucose sensors and sensor pumps. In addition, Markku acts as researcher at the University of Helsinki, teaches doctors and nurses and works as a medical advisor in Quattro Folia Oy.



Tiina Turpeinen

Tiina has more than 25 years’ experience of marketing, sales, product management, product marketing and business development in internationally operating high tech companies. The previous employers include both listed companies like ABB and Tellabs and several smaller privately held growth companies.

Tiina is a sales-minded strategic thinker with hands-on approach and good communications skills. Developing the export of Finnish know-how is close to her heart. Her educational background is MSc. in Industrial Engineering and Management. Additionally she holds a Specialist Qualification in Management and is an Approved Board Member by the Chamber of Commerce.