Create added value for the property

Naturally Odourless by Halax toilet systems can be installed in all real estate and sanitary facilities where ventilation systems comply with building standards, a bathroom in construction, or retroactively fitted to an existing system.

In public areas where sanitary facilities have multiple users, odourlessness increases the customer’s overall experience of the facility. Who would not want an odourless and bacteria-free space, even within your own home? The Halax toilet system is a value increasing choice for home-owners, builders and for all renovation projects. This includes all apartment blocks or terraced housing.


Halax Toilet System Benefits

The natural removal of odours and bacteria from the toilet system improves indoor air condition and reduces cleaning costs. The naturally odourless system refreshes the environment leading to less requirements for strong detergents that can be harmful to the environment. Additionally, a clean and pleasant sanitary facility promotes good health.

  • Naturally odourless
    • No chemicals – odours leave via ventilation duct
    • No need for artificial air fresheners
  • Fresh air
    • Fresh air creates a pleasant experience for the user
    • A fresh, pleasant and clean sanitary facility can positively affect a customer’s purchasing decisions or choices
  • A cleaner space
    • Removes bacteria from air and surrounding surfaces
    • Hygienic sanitation will prevent viruses and bacterial infections.
  • Easy to keep clean
    • Wall model designed to enable quick and easy cleaning
    • Reduced cleaning time requirements
    • Cleaning can be undertaken with the use of less detergents
  • Easy to install
    • Suitable solution to all sanitary facilities
    • Fast and easy to install

The ’Odorless by Halax’ toilet system is ideal for all real estate

  • Offices
  • Shopping Centres
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Schools and Nurseries/Kindergartens
  • Service or Care Homes
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Clinics
  • Production Facilities and Factories
  • Motorway Service Stations
  • Detached/Semi Detached Housing
  • Renovations (Flats and Apartments)