Halax® is the only toilet system on the market that can remove more than 99% of toilet odours via a vacuum pipe directly into the rooms ventilation duct. Unpleasant Smells disappear without spreading into the surrounding area.

Watch video on how Odorless by Halax toilet seat deodorizer works.

The Halax toilet system can be installed in any sanitary space with ventilation compliant to building standards, a building in construction phase or retroactively fitted to an existing system.

Halax toilet systems are installed as regular toilet systems, with additional connections to outlet pipes. The Halax toilet system is supplied with all necessary connectors. The Halax toilet system and exhaust piping can also be installed as a retrofit to the wall surface. In this case, an adapter for the exhaust air valve is supplied.

Halax is well suited for public spaces such as hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. Also hygienic facilities such as hospital, care homes, nurseries / kindergartens and schools. The odor-removing toilet system is a quality choice to increase the value of every home and property.

  • Naturally odourless without chemicals
  • Fresh air provides a pleasant user experience
  • Removes bacteria and viruses from surrounding air and surfaces
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Easy to install on all real estate and sanitary facilities

VTT Product Tested

The Halax toilet system was tested by VTT to remove 99% of scents in comparison to a regular toilet system