The ’Odorless by Halax’ Toilet System is ideal for most locations

The ‘Odorless by Halax’ toilet system is suitable for both homes and public places. In places where the facility has many users, odourlessness makes the user experience more comfortable.


”The ability of Halax toilet seats to remove odours is incredible. The experience is extremely pleasant for both the user and the next visitor. The installation of the toilet seat is easy and Halax provides a CAD drawing to support it. I am very pleased!”

Juha Laakso, Kirkkonummi, 16.3.2018


“I have a Halax odourless toilet seat in my house in Helsinki. I have also experience of competitors’ toilet seats equipped with filters and electric motors. Based on my user experience, Halax really works. There is really no odour after using the toilet and it is very pleasant for the next user to go in. Halax was cheaper to purchase compared to its competitor, in addition, it is virtually cost free to use: Halax does not require any spare parts or maintenance. Air fresheners are no longer needed. I can warmly recommend Halax toilet seats for all homes and public places.”

Peter Michelsson, Helsinki


”Halax is a clean and well-functioning wall-mounted toilet seat. Because it is odourless, the difference to a standard toilet seat is big and the user experience is excellent.”

Jussi, Espoo, 4.4.2018

The Halax toilet system increases living comfort

“VERSO” is a modern city hall built for the Vanta Housing Fair in 2015. The combined bathroom-utility room is location for many daily activities, which was why the naturally ‘Odorless by Halax’ toilet system was chosen.