Investor information

1. Short description of the company

Halax Oy Finland is a Finnish company specializing in odourless systems thoughout WC-seat and ventilation. It has 100% owned subsidiary in Hong Kong, in China. The company is a profitable investment to its owners.


2. The number of shares and trading

1.319.529 unit. The shares can be traded in the Privanet System


3. The biggest shareholders and company information on Privanet Around System


4. Profit and loss reporting

March and September


5. Corporate administration

Corporate administration    
Timo Tiihonen   chairman of the board
Eero Lehti   member
Jari E. Vepsäläinen   member
Pertti Jalasvirta   member
Heikki Väänänen   member
 CFO   Tiina Turpeinen 
Auditor    Nexia Oy, tilintarkastusyhteisö
Ari Hartikainen   CEO
    +358 40 191 8393